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I intend to start the damp repairs to my 1997 Swift Accord shortly and need to replace a few wallboards. The original design was called White Linen by Swift and unfortunately is now obsolete. Plan B was to replace the boards with ordinary 3mm plywood and then decorate over in wallpaper. Firstly i...【Get Price】

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It was then a case of having to remove the kitchen units, wallboards and section of flooring.....something which I wasn't prepared to do due the cost of materials. It was a real shame as I would of enjoyed rebuilding it, but why spend so much money repairing it when, at the end of the day, your still left with an old style caravan.【Get Price】

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Caravan wall repairshere is a link to the glue if anyone is interested.【Get Price】

Hi all, Can anyone advise me on where to start looking for some interior board. Its the typical caravan vinyl covered stuff that is the inside walls. I need some for a 2003 caravan and dont know where to start?【Get Price】

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Louise Jackman (the reply above) and I have had lots of conversations about wallboards! My husband and I found the best way to replace the wallboards was: 1. use a damp meter (Rapitest - only £18) to mark out the extent of the damp, drawing a light pencil mark at where it doesn't register. Decide how much of the wallboard you want to replace. 2.【Get Price】

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Once we complete the task of Removing and 【Get Price】

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Trade secrets: caravan bodywork repairs. If you damage your caravan's bodywork, don't despair – get it repaired, says a GRP and ABS plastic moulding specialist to Practical Caravan's Nigel Hutson【Get Price】

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Painting the outside of your caravan can be quite a time consuming job, so you need to be ready to spend a bit of time on this project. But by using the right materials and preparing the surface correctly, the result will be worth it. Firstly you're going to need to give the outside of the caravan a thorough cleaning.【Get Price】